‘Shameless’ Season Five spoilers: Is Lip in over his head?

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Screenshot 3:3:15, 6:34 PM-2The reason you haven’t seen any gifs featuring the talented Rizzoli & Isles actress is because she isn’t expected to show up until episode nine, “Carl’s First Sentencing.” Of course, by the time this season’s over we’re betting Lip will be hoping his tenured professor takes a position far from him.

All signs are pointing to Lip not being ready for a woman like Helene. And let’s not forget, Shameless has shown it’s not just the people struggling to make it who have a tendency to get a little down & dirty.

The rich and privileged can be just, if not more so, as down & dirty as the Gallaghers can. Now the only question is what or whom could Helene possibly be hiding away?

And let’s not forget, Lip has a $12,000.00 problem he has to figure out. You can take the boy our of the South Side, but you can’t take the south side out of the boy.

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