Rizzoli & Isles star Sasha Alexander joining Shameless

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“Shameless” Season 5 is rumored to make its premiere early next year, although a definite date has not yet been announced. This is the American remake of the British drama series, which has been renewed for another season just this year.

The social media page of the show has been giving thousands of fans continuous updates. It is now confirmed that Fiona Gallagher will have a new love interest. The new guy who will capture Fiona’s heart is a handsome musician, who will be portrayed by Steve Kazee. He in turn will be competing with Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s character, Charlie, for the affection of the lovely waitress.

One of the interesting developments is that the true love of Fiona, Steve/Jimmy (portrayed by Justin Chatwin) is back in town, although he is going by the name Jack. He was seen towards the last few minutes of the last episode of season 4, yet he seems to want to be incognito for the meantime. Everyone thought he was dead. The big question is whether or not he will try to win back Fiona’s love for him.

It was a surprising twist because even the other cast members were not aware of his return. His part in the last episode was filmed in secret. Even his make-up crew was separate from the rest of the cast, Christian Times reports. It also reported that the shooting for the new season started in July.

Dermot Mulroney will reportedly be in the cast, playing the part of Sean Pierce, a recovering addict who will be Fiona’s new boss at Patsy’s Pies.

According to TV Line, the latest casting news indicates is that Sasha Alexander, the star of “Rizzoli & Isles,” will be taking a break from her show and will be joining the cast of “Shameless.” It was reported that she signed up for a multi-episode guest star deal for Season 5. She will be playing the role of Helene, who is one of Lip’s college professors. Helene is described as an erudite and confident woman who also has a wild side. Speculation is high on when or if the student and teacher will hook up.

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