December 14th to 19th (STATUS: COMPLETED)

TS Christmas Lottery!

  • Christmas is here, and what better way to celebrate than with a lottery?

    We have 1 Rizzoli & Isles wine tumbler, 5 PCA Magnets, 4 decks of Shameless Playing Cards, 2 signed 24 Hour Play Bills (courtesy of @redwingx) and a signed Bobblehead to give away! Join in or miss out!

  • Participation is, as always, simple. Between 14th-19th December, simply send us a tweet saying you’d like to register for our lottery. We will give you a number for our lucky wheel, and then on Christmas Eve we will spin and announce the winners! First winner gets to choose their prize and so on. You will have the standard two weeks to get back to us, or your prize will be forfeited to someone else.

    If you have any questions about the lottery, please feel free to send us an email.
6th December (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Helene is BACK!

It’s time to get shameless again! On Tuesday, 6th December (to give everyone time to catch up on the episode) we will be asking 3 questions throughout the day (10:30am, 3:00pm & 7:00pm EST). The first person to answer each question correctly will win a special Helene-themed deck of playing cards. The rules are simple:

  1. You need to choose your answers from the playing cards below.
  2. Tell us your answer by tweeting the correct card in reply to our question.
  3. Use hashtags #Shameless and #ShamelessForSasha
  • img_5097
  • img_5100
  • img_5101
  • img_5098
  • img_5102
  • img_5104
  • img_5103
  • img_5099
  • img_5105

If you have any questions about this contest, feel free to send us an email.

October 31st – November 5th(STATUS: COMPLETED)

People’s Choice Fan Fun 2017

  • Since we were unable to run a PCA campaign this year, we thought we would have some fan fun instead to celebrate Sasha’s season seven portrayal. Participation is simple:

    • Beginning Monday the 31st we will be asking four picture questions at different times during the day. The final day (Saturday) we’ll be asking six.
    • You will need to either answer the question, post the correct picture from a selection we provide, or both.
    • Your answer must be in response to the original tweet.
    • You must be the first to answer correctly and use hashtags #PCA2017 #PCA4Sasha
  • We will be giving away 30 PCA magnets in total, one for every correctly answered question. You can only win ONCE.

    If you have any questions about this campaign, please feel free to send us an email.

12th to 19th September (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Funko Maura

Who wants a Maura Funko? WE DO, and we need your help to make it happen! This is a fan-fun campaign, and participation is very simple:

  • Once a day until 19th September, choose an image (any that you want!) from our R&I stills gallery. You can make an edit, or simply use a picture.
  • Tweet the image to @OriginalFunko and ask them to make a Maura Pop Funko!

Thanks to @marmitegirl, @HannahSky & @LulabelleHo for putting together the campaign. Funko design by Anna, edits by Louise.

5th September (STATUS: COMPLETED)

#CheersTo7YearsRI – Rizzoli & Isles Series Finale

We’re pretty sure that all of you will agree that last 7 years of Maura Isles have been absolutely amazing! Even though we will miss our fave M.E, the joy that Sasha has brought to us through this character is certainly something we can celebrate.

Several months ago we designed and sent special Cheers tumblers to the cast & crew as thanks for the remarkable show they all worked tirelessly to bring us… and of course we wouldn’t forget to put a few aside for you all too! Contest entry is simple:

  • On Monday, 5th September, we will be asking a series of questions. There will 12 in total – 4 of these will be sometime during the day, 4 during the PT finale airing, and 4 during the EST finale airing.
  • The winner will be the first to answer correctly.
  • You must use the hastags #CheersTo7YearsRI & #RizzoliandIsles otherwise your answer will not be counted, even if it is correct. You can only win once.

Simple, right?! Hint: you will all need to brush up on your R&I trivia! Have fun and as always, if you have any questions about this contest, please send us an email.


Sasha’s Episodic Directorial Debut

The wait is over! Two weeks (August 15th), we will finally get to see Sasha’s directorial debut and we canNOT wait! Of course, to celebrate this awesomeness, we have some fun planned for you all. There are several things we will have going, and you are welcome to participate in one or all of them!

  1. Leading up to the episode, we will be sending out a tweet we want everyone to see so that they will watch together with us! 2 people who RT our tweet will be randomly selected to win special edition Sasha autographs.
    Click GIF for link to RT 18vr20.
  2. For those who enjoy some creativity, create your own promo manip edit or video (which must be no more than 30 seconds long). You will need to use the hashtag #CongratsSashaA, and the creation that gets the most votes in our Community Forum will receive an autographed bobble, jersey, or signed photo – yes, they will get to choose! Deadline is 11:59pm PT, 14th August. We want everyone to tweet their manip/collages/videos throughout the two weeks to promote her episode online, and to show her love.
  3. During the episode, we want you to tweet with us! All you have to do is tweet and use the hashtag #Rizzoliandisles to help us trend the episode, and 2 lucky people will be chosen to win a special edition autograph.

In addition, anyone who would like to wish Sasha well with her episode should use the hashtag #CongratsSashaA, as we will be sharing this hashtag with her so that she can read everyone’s messages. Let’s let her know how excited and proud we are of her work!

If you have any questions about this contest, please send us an email.


Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Premiere – What’s Next for Maura Isles?


  • FullSizeRender(2)
  • It’s the final season of Rizzoli & Isles, and we wouldn’t let the premiere pass without a fun contest! We want to know what you think is next for Maura.

    Sasha will be announcing the winners of 6 specially designed mousepads (complete with an exclusive never-before seen photo) once the contest ends, so you don’t want to miss out!

Entering the contest is simple:

  • During the premieres, we will be asking 6 simple and fun questions (3 per airing).
  • The answer to your question must be in reply to our tweet. To make it easier, we will post links to the question tweets here after the premiere.
  • You must use hashtag #RizzoliandIsles
  • Your answer must be submitted to us by 11:59pm PT, Tuesday, 7th June.
  • You can answer more than one question, but you can only win once.
  • Please be sure your answers are tasteful.

Question List (Coming Soon):

And that’s it! If you have any questions about this contest, please send us an email. We hope you have fun, and enjoy the show!

From 18th April until 31st May (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Happy Birthday FUNdraiser!

Thank you to everyone who donated. We reached our goal and beyond thanks to your generosity.

@Lynda_Montgo has generously donated her Personalized Canvas to help us raise more for #CureBatten! From now until the end of the Fundraiser, ANYONE who donates for a perk will automatically be entered into the draw to win the canvas, which will be personalized by Sasha. Now you can give to a great cause and be eligible to win an awesome keepsake too!
(Note: Please make sure you select a perk on the Fundraiser page when you donate – just click on the perk and it will follow with how to donate for it.)
  • 7
  • It’s that time again for us to come together and give Sasha the most amazing birthday gift that we can – support for a cause she is passionate about. Help us reach our fundraising goal and support The Charlotte & Gwenyth Gray Foundation, a movement dedicated to finding a cure for Batten’s Disease.


As always, we have added to the fun by donating many unique and awesome perks (see them here) to the campaign. Find out more about our fundraiser goals and perks by visiting our Fundraiser Site on Monday, 18th April.

Our fundraiser will run from now until 31st May, 11:59EST. If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please feel free to send us an email.

From 11th April until 30th April (STATUS: COMPLETED)

We remain #ShamelessForSasha!

We want to see Sasha interviewed on entertainment news shows, magazines, blogs etc. about the final season of Rizzoli & Isles, her directorial debut & her time on Shameless. We’re pretty certain that we aren’t the only ones who think that Sasha deserves an award for her portrayal of Helene this past season – and we think everyone should know about it!

From Monday (11th April) until end of the month, we will be running a media campaign on Twitter. We think Sasha deserves an Emmy, and we want to scream it from the mountains! As always, we like to keep our media campaigns fun so we hope that everyone will participate.

To help in the campaign:

  • We will be choosing media outlets from our Resources, and reaching out to them. All you need to do is keep an eye out on our Twitter, and follow our lead!
  • Tell the media outlet (politely & tastefully, please) that you’d love to see an interview w/Sasha about Rizzoli & Isles final season & her directorial debut. Also, be sure to mention her time on Shameless & why YOU think Sasha deserves an award for her amazing work.
  • We strongly suggest that you mix up your tweets each time – for example, if you have tweeted about an R&I interview one time, then tweet about Shameless the next. We want to make sure we cover as much of both topics as we can! If you see a lot of tweets about R&I, then make yours about Shameless & vice versa.
  • Choose a screenshot to attach to your tweet from the collection we have prepared. Click on it, then “save image.”
  • We will choose one -two media outlets every day, so follow closely!
  • Be sure to use the hashtag #ShamelessForSasha so we can keep up w/all of your tweets.

Easy, right? This one is all about participation, so every effort from you all will help us to let the media outlets know our thoughts.

At the end of the campaign, we will be drawing a winner from people who have joined the campaign with us to all the media outlets we reach out to. This winner will receive one of our Team Sasha jerseys, so get your friends to join in too! If you already have a jersey, we have created some new TS items you can choose from (see here).

If you have any questions about this Twitter campaign, please send us a tweet (@TeamSasha) to let us know.

From now until 31st May (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Book Gift – What does Maura mean to you?

  • For the past 6 years, our favourite Medical Examiner has brought us endless laughs and fun, and filled our television screens with absolute joy!

    As a series wrap gift, we will be putting together a collection to let Sasha know what Maura has meant to us, and we want everyone to help fill in the pages.

Participation in this gift is very simple:

  • Think about what Maura and Sasha’s portrayal has meant to you. We don’t have any rules for this as we want everyone to be able to share their thoughts, but please be tasteful.
  • Type or write out your thoughts – no more than one page please.
  • Add some design! We will be putting each one into a printed book, so be as colourful and as creative as you like to make your entry stand out!
  • Please email your page to us in .JPG or .PNG format. If you have done your entry by hand, please make sure you scan or take a photo that is high quality.

And that’s it! We hope to make a meaningful keepsake for Sasha, and encourage everyone to participate.

If you have any questions about this project, please feel free to send us an email.

15th March, 2016 (STATUS: COMPLETED)

What would you put in the #DirtyRobberMenu?

  • Time flies and it’s finale time again! To make sure Season 6 ends in style, we have designed some cool coasters (pictured right) that are sure to look good with any drink.

    Winning is easy, all you have to do is get your thinking caps on and tell us what would be in your Dirty Robber drink menu!

  • 1603-proj-coaster

Contest Instructions:

  • Keep an eye out during the episode (both EST/PT airings) – we will be tweeting a series of characters throughout, and it is your job to come up with a creative drink name inspired by that character.
  • Your drink name must be in response to our tweet.
  • You must use both the hashtags #DirtyRobberMenu AND #RizzoliAndIsles, otherwise your entry will not be counted.
  • You may enter more than once (e.g. if we name 6 characters you can make up a drink for each) but you can only win once.
  • For fans in other parts of the world, don’t worry! You have all of Wednesday to think of and tell us your drink names. Deadline is 11:59 PM (EST), Wednesday, 16th March.
  • Winners will be announced on Thursday, 17th March.

Happy inventing, and if you have any questions about this campaign, please feel free to send us an email. Our Prize Policies will apply to this contest.

If you haven’t submitted your drink names yet, click on the characters below and reply to our tweet! Remember to take note of the instructions above to make sure your creative drink name is entered into the contest.

  • Maura That Please
    by: @fangirl_cyndi
  • Cops-mopolitan
    by: @cguthrie2
  • No Boundaries
  • Flaming Frazzoli
    by: @MissToastie
  • inVINCEible
    by: @LulabelleHo
  • The Lab’s Kilt
    by: @Rakyy_
  • Holidaze
    by: @caterinascorsoe
  • The Life Coach
    by: @laleuge7
February, 2016

Rizzoli & Isles Season 7 Shooting Begins!

Wishing Sasha a great season of filming ahead!

  • Untitled copy copy
From Now until 20th March (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Birthday Project 2016

Being that 2015 was such a fun and memorable year, for Sasha’s birthday this year we would like to create a unique and original keepsake for her – with your help!

  • We will be putting together a creative quilt, made entirely of T-Shirts with your designs. We ask that you create a design inspired by something which has happened in the past year (2015). This design could be a quote done artistically, a symbol, or anything at all (except images/edits/photos of people). To participate:
  • You must email us your design first for approval, so that we can make sure that not too many people do the same thing.
  • We will have your design printed on a T-Shirt for you ($11USD cost will be required, which you can send to us via Paypal to, OR
  • For those who do not have PayPal, you can purchase your own shirt. Unfortunately, the cost might be slightly different as this is not within our own Shop. Please let us know if you are planning to purchase the shirt yourself when you email us for approval, and we will give you a shipment address to have the shirt posted to.

Your design will need to follow a few basic requirements:

  • If you are sending us a computer created design for printing, your design will need to be minimum 800px (width) x 600px (height) in size.
  • If you are drawing/painting a design and scanning for us to print, your design needs to be 15 inch x 15 inch and on a white background.
  • Payment must be received before printing.
  • Be sure to put your name/twitter handle on your design so Sasha will be able to see all who participated.
  • Please let us know what colour shirt (by number) you would like when you email to us for approval. Available colours are:

We’re very excited to put together this special birthday gift for Sasha, so we are looking forward to your entries!

We will do best to use everyone’s designs exactly as they are, but if instructions are not followed we may need to do some simple editing before the printing process. We thank you for your understanding beforehand, and if you have any questions about this project, please feel free to send us an email.

Beginning 10th January (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Time for another #ShotOfShameless!

We are thrilled to have Helene return to us in Season 6 of Shameless to start off the new year! This season, we have created some Helene-inspired original shot glasses and will be giving 3 away for each episode that Sasha guest stars in.

Each week after the episode, we will tweet 3 questions, clues or riddles – the answer will be in one of the screenshots we have taken (we will include a link to them in our tweet), and your job is to find the correct one and post it to us in reply to our tweet.

  • You MUST post the screenshot you choose as a reply to our original tweet. If you do not, your answer will not be counted.
  • You MUST use the hashtag #ShotOfShameless.
  • Our questions will be posted during different timezones, within the 24 hours following the episode, so that everyone has a chance to win.
  • The first person to answer correctly will win.

It’s that simple, so don’t miss out! We will announce the winners the following day, and all prizes will be sent out after all of Sasha’s episodes have aired.

If you have any questions about this campaign, please feel free to send us an email. Our Prize Policies will apply to this contest.