November, 2013 (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Website Launch Contest – Enter Now!

To kick off our website launch, we have an exciting new contest for you!! We want you to show us your weird and wonderful – what makes you Sasha Alexander’s most bitchin’ fan?? Have you made your own t-shirt? We want to see it! Do you own all of her DVD’s? We want to see it! Do you have a wall full of posters and autographs? WE WANT TO SEE IT!

All you have to do is follow this link to sign up as a member, then post a picture of your evidence on our Message Board – You can also tweet it to @TeamSasha hastag #WeirdandWonderful to show your Sasha pride, but you must post on the message board to be eligible for the prize!

This contest is open worldwide and will end December 22nd. ONE winner will be chosen based on creativity and receive an exclusive Team Sasha jersey. If you already have a jersey we’ll offer you a prize of equal value. Be creative, have fun, and happy snapping everyone!

October, 2013 (STATUS: ENDED)

Get Sasha a Nomination for the People’s Choice Awards Favorite Cable TV Actress

This month, we have been working hard to get Sasha nominated for the final voting list for the PCA 2014. We really think that she deserves recognition for her work, and have been voting like mad! There are no limits to how many times each person votes, so it really is up to us to get her that nomination.

It’s easy, all you have to do is go to the below link. Then, select “Other” and add “Sasha Alexander” to the text field. Then vote, vote vote!

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September/October, 2013 (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Help Sasha raise $10,000USD for the University of California Promise For Education Campaign

As you all know, this campaign was successful. Sasha made two promises – one for a dance video and another to wear UCLA swag on the USC campus, each aiming for $5000USD – and both of these targets were met! In total, supporters raised $10,085USD for education scholarships.

A huge thank you to each and every one of you who donated towards this cause. And now, to wait for Sasha to fulfill her promises!

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October, 2013 (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Sasha on Broadway!

To wish her luck for the 24 Hour Plays On Broadway, we will be sending her a keepsake rose. We’ve received enough money for the rose. Thank you so much to all who contributed, the rose was delivered successfully to the American Airlines Theater.

August, 2013 (STATUS: COMPLETED)

Get Sasha on The Ellen Show!



We WILL get her on the show! During the campaign period, we will mainly use Twitter in order to try and get Ellen to hear our request for Sasha to appear on her show. At a scheduled time each day, we will tweet with the hashtag #GetSashaOnEllen, tag @TheEllenShow, and fans are encouraged to include reasons for why they want her on the show or to attach some #GetSashaOnEllen art!

Many people participated in this first attempt, and we will schedule again at a later date. Lot of excellent and funny fan-art was thrown around Twitter, it was great! 10 fans were chosen for their work and given Team Sasha Jerseys or T-Shirts. We thank everyone for their involvement, and will report again when we have ideas to improve the campaign and have another shot.


June, 2013

Sasha gets her own Team Sasha jersey – and loves it!

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Sasha’s Birthday Project

For Sasha’s birthday this year, we decided it was only fitting to choose one of the many charities she supports and donate to them in honor of her. As Sasha had done work with GirlUp earlier in the year, we decided to go with this!

With the help of many supporters and donators, we were able to raise $3,300USD to work towards allowing all girls, “no matter where they live, have the opportunity to become educated, healthy, safe, counted and positioned to be the next generation of leaders.”


January, 2013

Team Sasha!

To wish Sasha a great year of shooting for Rizzoli & Isles, we sent flowers to her at Paramount Studios. This was the first “official” activity we did as a group, as Team Sasha!

Sasha loved her flowers, and even posted a picture of them on her WhoSay. To know that we made a difference to her day and gave a reason for her to smile – priceless!

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