Takehollywood Enters Open Beta for Aspiring Entertainers to Find Inspiration, Make New Connections

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Sasha Alexander

Takehollywood Enters Open Beta for Aspiring Entertainers to Find Inspiration, Make New Connections The first online learning platform for aspiring entertainers, Takehollywood, is now available in open beta. Takehollywood brings aspiring actors, Hollywood veterans and film enthusiasts together in an online community. Members receive inspiration and insight from influential talent through exclusive video content, can connect with other members who share their passion for the craft and can immerse themselves in many other of the platform’s features. Interested actors, filmmakers and movie buffs can join the open beta now at www.takehollywood.com .

“Takehollywood was born out of my love and respect for acting,” said Edoardo Ponti, co-founder and chief creative officer. “Coming from a family rooted in the entertainment industry, collecting the heritage of this incredible craft in an easy-to-navigate, customizable platform is a dream come true.”

In addition to its budding community, Takehollywood’s array of exclusive candid one-on-one conversations with actors, directors, producers, talent agents and managers, casting directors, and acting coaches – with 120 awards and nominations between them – are must-have resources of inspiration and insight. Community members create customizable playlists of Takehollywood’s short-form video content and gain insight at their own convenience.

“As an entrepreneur in the tech industry, I have always been interested in creatively bringing together two vastly different industries in a harmonious and inspiring way,” said Sylvain Perret, co-founder and chief product officer. “Takehollywood has an infinite number of ways users will access and combine our exclusive content to build a community of artists who inspire and learn from each other.”

More information on Takehollywood, including signing up for the open beta, can be found at TakeHollywood.com. More information also can be found at the official Facebook page, or on the official Twitter page.

About Takehollywood

Takehollywood is a unique social media and online learning platform that brings aspiring entertainers and film enthusiasts together to share experiences and receive guidance from industry professionals who have built successful careers in the entertainment industry. Co-founded by Edoardo Ponti, Sylvain Perret and Sasha Alexander, Takehollywood was created as an inspirational online community for the entertainment industry. More information on Takehollywood can be found at TakeHollywood.com.

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