A Mother: Being Our Own First Responder

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Nothing in my life has given me greater joy than being a mother. And also great responsibility. This Mother’s Day I want to celebrate mothers around the world who are taking this responsibility to heart and being the best first responders they can be for themselves, their loved ones and their world.

I am but one mother who is doing everything I can to educate and prepare my children and family in the case of a major crisis. With the help of International Medical Corps, many mothers from all over the world are getting education and help in protecting their loved ones and themselves. My husband, my two children and I live in Los Angeles so our greatest threat is an earthquake. In preparing to be my own first responder I turned to my community for help in understanding what we can do if a major earthquake hits our neighborhood. From earthquake kits in our cars and homes, flashlights, food and water readily available and ways to stay in communication, these are but a few things I have done to get us ready.

On the front lines, International Medical Corps is helping other mothers do the same. Fatuma, a mother of five from Somalia, was forced to flee her village due to increasing violence in the region. After enduring a long seven-day journey with her children, she arrived at a refugee camp in Ethiopia. Due to Fatuma’s courage, her family is now getting the care they need from International Medical Corps, including access to safe, clean water, and her family is learning about the sanitation and hygiene steps they can take to protect themselves from diarrheal diseases.

Across the world in the Philippines, a mother of nine, Melodina, had to find shelter and food for her children after Typhoon Haiyan hit. Their backyard garden was destroyed and much of their family’s income and food sources were lost. International Medical Corps provided nutrition services to Melodina and her children, who are among the many vulnerable children at risk of acute malnutrition after a natural disaster.

And in Afghanistan, where maternal mortality is among the highest in the world, Fatima defied her family’s wishes and achieved her dream of helping women in her community deliver babies safely – she entered International Medical Corps’ midwifery training program and today is a certified midwife, saving the lives of others.

These stories of women and mothers in the world inspire me to be the best first responder I can.

Our world and its challenges are changing every day. And so is our role as mothers of the world. It’s more than just feeding and clothing our children, it’s keeping them safe and educated and prepared in case of a crisis. I am happy to be a first responder not only for International Medical Corps, but also for myself and the ones I love the most. Join me in this journey to educate and learn more. Share your stories and let’s help each other become the best first responders we can.

Happy Mother’s day!!

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Source: International Medical Corps