Most of our projects are open to everyone. For some of our more special projects that are for members only, you would first need to register and join our community. We will announce whether a project is members only or not, so all you need to do is keep an eye out on the details in our projects section.
Zero dollars. Memberships are completely free.
Nothing will ever work again!

Just kidding. Head right on over here, and you will be able to get your details back.

Absolutely. All of our projects and campaigns are open to any fan, anywhere. If you win a prize, we will ship it to you no matter where you live. So join in and have fun!
They are! For our campaigns and fan activities we will often offer fun and cool stuff. These could include DVD’s of Sasha’s shows or movies, apparel from our Shop2Give store, posters and much more. We try to be creative, so there’s no knowing what we might throw together.
Unfortunately, our jerseys are reserved for winners of our more special campaigns or projects and cannot be ordered. The best way to get one is to join in the fan fun!
Unfortunately, she is not for sale. You can get one by participating in our projects and charities.
When we ship out each prize, we take a photo of both the prize and the shipping documents and send them to you for record and proof of shipment. You can use the shipping document to follow-up with tracking, or if you live in a country where customs might be a little more strict you may need to contact your local postal service or customs agent to find out about your package.

If you do happen upon this problem, feel free to let us know by email (please use "Prize Delivery Issue" or something similar in your message subject) or on Twitter, and we will try our best to help out. However, as everything we do is self-funded, we are unfortunately unable to replace prizes which have been lost during shipping.

Due to copyright issues, we are unable to sell items which use photos of Sasha or of any of the characters she has played. Even though profits of the sales go towards charity, we are still unable to use the property of other media outlets.

However, we can use fan art and our own designs. This means that every design you see on products in the store has either been created by us, or by other fans.

As far as we know, she does! However, as you can imagine, she gets a lot of it so it takes time to get through it all. Fanmail details are in in our contact section – remember to send your own self-addressed and self-stamped envelope. If you are looking for an autograph, you can send her a photo or she has some pre-prepared ones.