FEBRUARY 22, 2014

Team Sasha – Thank you and welcome to our first Team Sasha chat with the gorgeous and talented Sasha Alexander herself. We want to thank Sasha from the bottom of our hearts for finding the time in her busy schedule to chat with us today. We KNOW you will all be respectful and have a good time. If for any reason you do not show her the utmost respect we will remove you from the chat. That being said, let’s all have fun. 🙂

Now if everyone could allow the 14 questions and refrain from chit chat so Sasha will be able to see them, then following the Q&A we will have free time where you can chat a bit with Sasha.

Sasha– Hello Everyone!!! So happy you could chat!!!

Team Sasha – Now if we could start our first question with hpatw

Sasha – I love this! From all over the world! Hello Everyone! So happy you are here to chat!

hpatw – If you could write one episode of R&I, what would happen both at and outside the crime scene and why?

Sasha – I keep thinking it would be fun to do a REAR WINDOW or STAKEOUT episode. We are stuck in a room together for too long watching a building or people in it. I feel like it could lead to all sorts of fun and personal stuff, which usually happens when people spend too much time together. Does that answer the question?

jinxed – What do you do when you are having a tough day or just really need a pick me up to brighten your spirits?

Sasha – I DANCE!! Alone or with my kids.. musc and dance always makes me happy. I play music at work all the time.

Bree – Rizzles- the musical!!!:}

Sasha – Not sure about a musical episode unless I only Danced!!!

steffilovessasha – Hi 🙂 If you could choose anyone in the industry to work with past or present who would it be and why?

Sasha – I would love to work with Robert De Niro. I admire him and feel like I would learn so much.

KathyIsWeird – what is your favorite workout song :D!

Sasha – My favorite work out song right now is HAPPY by Pharrell Williams and ONE REPUBLIC too!

jenny33 – Can we get a pic of you and Angie on set together anytime soon?? :p

Sasha – Sure I will take a picture very soon on set!

Artistic-Tortoise – Which is the most interesting random fact that you learned because of Maura?

Sasha – Artistic-Tortoise The history of Leather (remember that episode?) and about stomach contents. :(((

simofrog – What do you expect from Season 5?

Sasha – simofrog I hope season 5 just goes deeper with the characters and relationships and we have some strong stories…also maybe a little romance for Maura.

lucyperezs – You are so calm and collected on stage. What’s the trick to maintaining your poise with a camera in your face and millions watching you?

Sasha – lucyperezs Well I guess that’s just something you are born with in order to be a performer. I like to entertain people and tell stories, so I am comfortable with it. But I do meditate and breathe in order to stay present and connected in the moment.

tika12001 – Hi Sasha! Thanks so much for being here and brightening up all of our days 🙂 Here’s my question: You say that you’re a ‘foodie’… what’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten?

Sasha – tika12001 At Il MIRTILLO in Geneva. It’s italian and they literally ship the mozzarella from Naples daily. Fresh and AMAZING!!!!!!

carol96usted – Sasha hope you read me, just wanna thank you, your play really help me in my personal live and school also. You are totally doing something important!!

Sasha – carol96usted Thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me.

Froggy – If you could ask Maura one question what would it be ?

Sasha – froggy “Can I use your brain for one day in order to totally organize my life?”

Damare – Sasha un po’ di italiano

Sasha – Damare Si! Come no?

Bine – Hi from Germany !!! My question : If you could choose one line to be part of a S5 episode script, what would yours be and which character would deliver it?

Sasha – Bine Oh my!!! I am not sure.. maybe something silly like Korsak saying “Can’t touch this!” or something old from the 80’s….

missmaclay – Haha, with the dance move, too?

Sasha – missmaclay EXACTLY!!!

Josephine – What would you give Maura on her birthday? 🙂

Sasha – Josefine SHOES OF COURSE!! or something that smells good like a lavender herb pillow…

Coco – Hi France here : If you could trade places with any other perso for a week, famous or not famous, real or fictional, with whom would it be ?

Sasha – coco DALAI LAMA…. To see the world as he sees it, to experience that peace and happiness. I am sure the air is different in his world.

Googlemouth -Hi Sasha, greetings from Jersey! If Maura were not a medical examiner, what would you want her to be?

Sasha – Googlemouth Maybe a psychologist. She would be good at that.

Maggie – If Maura gets an action scene this season, what kind of stunts would you like to film? 🙂

Sasha – maggie98 I want to see Maura FENCE. Its seems like the offbeat sport she would do and it’s so cool and elegant.

iheartsasha – Can you tell us about your infatuation with LENA DUNHAM

Sasha – iheartsasha She’s so brave and talented… I love the message she puts out about body image and her humor is ENORMOUS!!!!

shutthefrontdoor – Hi Sasha! My question for you is: what do you enjoy most about being a mom?

Sasha – shutthefrontdoor Watching my kids grow and learning with them. Its so much fun!

titicrldart – I’m a french fan and I’m wondering what french words do you know and what are you favorites?

Sasha – titicrldart We speak french at home… so many!! But everyone else is fluent. I am still a student.

Team Sasha – Alright guys thank Sasha for being here and taking time from her busy schedule…..Sasha, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and have a great day….. xo

Sasha – YOU ARE AMAZING!!! THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING AND FOR EVERYONE JOINING IN! I hope you will watch the show next week and know YOU are the reason we keep going!!! ALL MY LOVE!!!!!