Why are we here?
To make it simple, we adore Sasha Alexander. Not only is she an incredibly talented actor, but she has one of the kindest hearts we have ever known. She makes time for her fans, is endlessly generous with all her charity work, and is an inspiration to so many. She spends so much of her time giving to others, that we wanted to give something back! We firmly believe that the best is yet to come, and we want to be with her as she makes this journey.
With more and more people realizing her work and talents, we thought it was time to set up a place where fans can come and do what we enjoy most – to discuss everything Sasha and to connect with others who also support her. We are an active fan group, and we want to provide a hub where fans can easily participate and get the information they want. This is where you, as a Sasha fan, can let it all out.

How do we support Sasha and involve fans?
We run different projects and activities to get everyone involved. The best way to support is in numbers! Just register at this link (or when you feel like it using the Register option in our site menu) to become a member, and you will have access to all our site functions.
Head to our Fans section, and you can join our Message Board and Chat Room to connect with other fans. If you have any project ideas you can contact us directly. If you are an artist, send your art in on the Submissions page and we can feature it on the site. You can also check out our Resources area, this is where we list many media outlets that we can try to contact in our campaigns (most recently to get Sasha a feature article in a magazine), and let us know if we have missed any.

It’s always a team effort.
Suggestions and input are what keeps everything working. So if there is something you want and can’t find, let us know! We are always ready to make changes and improvements. Visit our Contact section at any time and/or leave messages with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Sasha & Team Sasha?
We are not affiliated with Sasha. She does, however, spoil us sometimes! She has visited our Forums and Chat Room, been a judge in our contests… and yes, she has a jersey.

We hope that she can see all the amazing things that fans do for her by participating in the campaigns and projects, and feel the love – we are proud to be fans and to have such an awesome group of fellow fans to craze with!